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About the Club

The Bug Club’s origins date back to the Autofest car show held in Lawrence, MA each year on Labor Day weekend. This 2-day event included a VW car show on Sunday and always had a large dune buggy presence. During the 8th annual show, held on Sept. 5th, 1993, a gentleman by the name of Nick Koulichkov walked around, wrote down names of interested buggy owners and started the Bug Club. The club started with a half dozen friends, all with fiberglass bodied Dune Buggies that wanted to build and enjoy these cars together. The club quickly grew to include VW enthusiasts and owners of all Air-Cooled models.

1993 Dash Plaque

The club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on the preservation, restoration, modification and enjoyment of all Air-Cooled VWs. Our purpose is to raise funds for local charities, and to disseminate technical and historical information to our members. We have over 100 active members and club activities include, monthly cruises, cook outs, tech sessions, attending local events as a club, as well as organizing our own annual car show.

Club meetings are generally held the first Monday of each month and our newsletter is sent out quarterly via email. If you’re interested in joining our group or would just like more information, please visit our “How to join” page, reach out to one of our directors or send a message to our general email:

Club Members
Club Members on a Run
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Meet our Board of Directors

The Bug Club is organized and operated by a team of volunteers who are passionate about VWs and work hard to bring you great events, information, and further our cause. We encourage your input; our club is only as good as its members.

Please let us know if you have comments, questions or suggestions.

Jason Rennick, President

I've been interested in how mechanical things work since I was a young child. I would disassemble small engines I scrounged from our local dump to find out what caused their demise, sometimes even getting them running again. I bought my first VW when I was 14 with money, I earned delivering newspapers and mowing lawns. I began rebuilding it one part at a time as I saved up enough for new parts. Once I got my driver’s license, and began driving my Beetle around town, a great friend and mentor introduced me to The Bug Club. I immediately joined and have been a proud member since.

At this point, I’ve owned just about every model of Air-Cooled VW made and a few other antique cars that VW didn't make. Old cars are my passion, I enjoy working on, talking about and especially driving them. This passion led me to the automotive industry and a 20+ year career in aftermarket auto parts.

Eric Sanders, Vice President

I’ve been into cars since I can remember, and I actually came home from the hospital in my parents’ 1968 Bug, so VW’s have been there from the beginning.

My older brother always had various VW’s, from buses to bugs to Ghia’s. He convinced my mother that it’d be a good way to keep me out of trouble. So, my first car was also a ‘68 Bug. I enjoy the simplicity, and the uniqueness of the air-cooled world. I currently have a Thing which is unique in itself. I’ve been in auto parts since ‘94, and the last 10 years I’ve been with VW.

Lowell Webber, Treasurer

I have owned nearly a dozen VWs of all descriptions and have deep appreciation for their wonderful design and versatility. I love to do all my own work and have experienced just about every part and system on the VW.

I am particularly drawn to VWs with performance modifications and that express the owner’s individuality. I am retired and divide my time between old cars and music.

Saylee Dugas, Secretary

Growing up at my Dad’s garage in the 70’s, I got my 1st VW when I was around 9 (no, not a type-o). My brothers felt sorry for me, that I had nothing to do so they found a diamond blue Volkswagen Bug that was out back in the salvage yard, got it running and handed me the key. I taught all my friends to drive stick before we got to Junior High. That began my fascination with all things Volkswagen.

I’ve owned 14 different V-Dubs over the years. My husband Jerry (who is a VW mechanic by marriage) and I currently own four – a Karmann Ghia, Doka, MK1 Cabriolet (yes, the wheels are stancy…don’t judge) and a diesel Passat. A NH Native, I currently reside in Sandown and work in an accounting office where I “occasionally” sneak peeks at The Samba looking for #15.

Chuck Lehman, Director

I have fond memories of my older brother coming home on leave from the Navy driving an early bug. I remember at about ten years old spending hours and hours in that car in our driveway, imagining driving everywhere. I believe I became pretty good at shifting, even though it wasn't running. Shortly after, my brother took me to Mystic, CT in that bug to tour his ship. A love of VW's was infused into me.

Since then, I have owned quite a few VW's throughout my life; with little time between not owning one; including a convertible bug and a Karmann Ghia. As "extra cash" was as rare as stale beer, I learned to do my own work out of necessity. A true "shade tree mechanic," I surprise myself reflecting how much I have done successfully over the years. I learned early in life; that if you approach learned people with respect, they are happy to share their experience and expertise. The Bug Club is a great source of learned people and a great connection if you are challenged with owning and maintaining a classic VW. Let's talk about our experiences!

Interested in legal stuff and how the Club is operated?

Take a look at the these links or ask for more information

Club Bylaws

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