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A Salem, NH club created around fiberglass VW Dune Buggy's of the 60's and 70's, but open to any VW owner or enthusiast. Welcome and thanks for visiting. - tBC -

 Our group is simply a bunch of people who enjoy automobiles, VW's in particular, but especially those fiberglass bodied creations of the 60's and 70's. Without a doubt, we all can thank Bruce Meyers for creating the ultimate fun car, the Dune Buggy.  

Please Note - the club is open to any type of aircooled VW, or VW enthusiast not all of our members have dune buggys.

1st Day for the Club

The clubs origins date back to the very successful Autofest car shows held in Lawrence, MA and sponsored by the local Exchange Club of Lawrence. The 2-day event included an all VW show on Sunday of the each Labor Day weekend. Word spread, the show grew and the buggy crowd became a real presence. Sometime during the 7th annual Autofest Sept. 6th, 1992 a gentleman by the name of Nick Koulichkov walked around, wrote down names and started the Bug Club. The club started with a half dozen friends, all with fiberglass bodied bugs, simply called Dune Buggy's. The great Autofest Shows of Lawrence ended, but the Bug Club lives on, today with over 50 active members.

Today, as when it first started, most club activities center on an outdoor function and include monthly club meetings, cruise nights, cook outs and attending car show events as well as organizing our own annual car show.

Who's Who - The Club Officers: 

  • President - Jason Rennick
  • Vice-President - Eric Sanders
  • Treasurer - Lowell Webber
  • Secretary - Saylee Dugas
  • Director - Chuck Lehman
General email contact:
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