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New Hampshire Laws, Rules, & Helpful Tips

Information in this section has been verified to be correct as of the date next to each entry. Local law enforcement and inspection stations may not be aware of many of these laws. For piece of mind, it is recommended that you print out the laws that apply to you and keep them in your glove box should questions arise (click the state section for link).

Antique Motor Vehicle Registrations  updated 1/23

Per the State of NH “Antique motor vehicle" shall mean any motor vehicle, including a truck regardless of its weight, over 25 years old which is maintained for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and other functions of public interest, but not for use in commerce. For the purposes of this section, "maintained for use" shall mean a motor vehicle is in its original condition or restored to original or better condition and not intended for daily use. - 1/2023

(Section 259:4 Antique Motor Vehicle)

Year of Manufacture (YOM) Plates  updated 1/23

Vehicles registered as an antique are permitted to use a registration plate which was issued in the same year that the vehicle was manufactured, provided the number of the antique plate is recorded with the director. YOM plates may be affixed to both the front and rear of the vehicle with a year of manufacture of 1975 or earlier. Any antique motor vehicle bearing a registration plate with the YOM shall also carry, within it, a valid antique motor vehicle registration certificate and a YOM permit.

*This is a simple process, bring the YOM plates to the DMV with your current antique registration and request a permit to display the YOM plates.

(Section 261:89-a Antique Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, or Trailer Plates.)


Even though the State of New Hampshire does not require vehicles to be insured, it is highly recommended that you, at minimum carry liability insurance to personally protect yourself from damages you cause in the event of an accident.

As we all know, owning an antique car requires varied amounts of blood, sweat, tears and dollars. 

The only way to truly protect your investment is with comprehensive coverage. Collector car insurance is a great way to go. Coverage is generally based on your vehicle’s market value and the low cost will surprise you. This type of insurance can be obtained from companies like Grundy Worldwide, Hagerty Insurance, and possibly even your own regular agent.

                State Satey Inspections Environment   updated 1/23

Vehicles with regular passenger registrations

Yearly inspections the same as your daily driver.

Vehicles with Antique Registrations

Vehicles less than 40 years old require safety inspections annually in the month of April and should receive a “4” sticker, without regard to the owner's birth date or registration month

Vehicles which are 40 years or older shall be inspected biennially. (Not all inspection stations keep 2-year stickers on hand)

(Section 266:1 Inspection Authorized)

Vehicles 60 years or older shall be exempt from all motor vehicle equipment and inspection requirements if the motor vehicle is equipped as it was manufactured or in accordance with the motor vehicle's original equipment specifications.

*The club highly recommends that if your car is 60+ and you stop getting a state inspection that you inspect your own vehicle annually – Safety First!

(Section 266:62-a Motor Vehicles Manufactured 60 Years or Older)

Temporary Plates  updated 1/23

With at title or bill of sale, residents of this state can appliy for a temporary 20 day plate to transport a vehicle they recently purchased.

(261:57 Twenty-Day Registration)

Selling Cars in NH  updated 1/23

 Per the state of NH No person may sell 5 or more vehicles at retail to the general public or export 5 or more vehicles outside the United States in any consecutive 12-month period unless the person has an established place of business and a valid dealer license issued under RSA 261:103-a.

(Section 261:103-b Unlicensed Sales Prohibited)

Lost or Damaged Plates  updated 1/23

-Report as lost and the state will issue you a replacement of the same number.

-If you report as stolen, you will loose the number or vanity and will be given a new number.

-Damaged plates get turned in for new replacements of the same number.

(Section 261:96 Lost or Mutilated Plates)


Composite vehicle VIN assignment  updated 1/23

Buying, Titling, & Registering cars without a Title  updated 1/23

Registering a vehicle without a title

To register a vehicle in NH you must have a previously issued, current or expired New Hampshire certificate of registration, a valid New Hampshire or out-of-state certificate of title, an application for a certificate of title, or a current New Hampshire vehicle identification number verification form (Blue form).

(261:2-a Registration of Certain Title Exempted Vehicles)

(Verification of Vehicle Identification AKA Blue form)

If you did not recieve at title when you purchased a vehicle, you can submit an application for a title search to obtain one.

(261:4 Application for Certificate of Title)

Title Exempted Vehicles

No certificate of title need be obtained for any motor vehicle whose manufacturer's model year is before the year 2000, except heavy trucks and truck-tractors whose gross vehicle weight exceeds 18,000 pounds.

(261:3 Exempted Vehicles)

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